Opening hours in the kitchen: 6:00pm- 10:00pm, the barmenu is served from 3:00 pm

Malin and Manolo with staff wish you a warm welcome!



Large charcuterie & cheese plate 275:-
Three types of cheese and Three types of charcuterie with olives, served with marmalade and Crisp bread

Shrimp sandwich 215:-
Hand-peeled shrimp, sourdough bread, baby spinach, chili emulsion egg,pickled yellow beet, chives, black thorn caviar and lemon

Chicken salad185:-
Marinated chicken fillet, crisp salad, paprika cream, red onion, capers, cocktail tomatoes, croutons and parmesan

Bleek roe 155:-
Crisps with sour cream and bleek roe

Cheese plate 135:-
Three types of cheese served with marmalade and Crisp bread

Charcuterie 135:-
Three types of charcuterie with olives

Roasted Marcona almonds 55:-

Marinated olives 45:-
Green and black olives marinated with garlic, chili, rosemary and lemon

Our menu consists of medium sized dishes. If you are only a little hungry, one dish is enough but if you want to be really full, you may need to order two dishes.


Small steak tartare 145:-
Steak tartare on flank steak is served with Parmesan cream, tart silver onion, almond potato chips and browned butter

Crudo 145:-
Quick-leavened haddock fillet with lemon juice, olive oil served with orange pieces, yogurt dressing and pistachio

Arancini 135:-
Fried risotto flavored with tomato and mozzarella served with basil cream, semi-dried tomato, basil and parmesan

Burrata Caprese 125:-
Served with a tomato salad, basil and red onion



Steak tartare with  fries 235:-
Steak tartare on flank steak is served with Parmesan cream, tart silver onion, almond potato chips and browned butter and fries

Veal entrecote 215:- (110g)
Served with a Bearnaise butter, rosemary sauce, watercress and asparagus potatoes

Halibut 215:- (110g)
With browned carrot cream, browned butter flavored with chili, chives and butter-cooked broccoli with chili and garlic

Mushroom risotto 195:-
Creamy Carnaroli risotto with fried mushrooms, parmesan and deep-fried oyster mushrooms

Vegetarian soup of the evening small 125:-/ large 165:-
Vegetarian soup in season served with bread



Cloudberry 105:-
Sugar-fried crème brulé baked brioche, muzzled cloudberries, candied almonds and vanilla ice cream

Lingonberry & gingerbread 105:-
Variation on gingerbread served with dried lingonberries and lingonberry sorbet

The evening sorbet 45:-
Homemade sorbet, aske the staff about the flavors

Truffle 35:-
Chocolate truffles made by Tony with love



For our younger guests (up to 12 years)

Bolognese 85:-
Cooked pasta with bolognese served with parmesan on the side

Kids burgers 85:-
Served with Bread and Fries

American pancakes 85:-
Served with strawberry jam and cream

Children's ice cream 20:-
Piggelin, Ice Cream Boat or Daimglass