Our environmental policy

Landvetter Airport Hotel AB is a hotel that conducts hotel, restaurant and conference activities at Landvetter Airport.

Landvetter Airport Hotel's goal is to constantly work preventively to minimize the environmental impact that may arise in connection with the products and services we buy and deliver.

We want to achieve this by:

  • Follow the environmental laws and requirements that apply to our business.
  • We try to reduce the company's energy consumption by choosing energy-efficient alternatives, such as district heating, LED lamps etc.
  • Reduce our food waste from the restaurant by using as much as possible of the raw materials and be aware of consumption so that as little as possible is discarded.
  • Setting environmental requirements for partners and suppliers.
  • Choosing environmental cars when choosing company cars.
  • Use as little environmentally hazardous substances / chemicals as possible and choose environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • In our purchases, choose environmentally adapted products and services and coordinate orders to as few as possible.
  • All personnel shall have a good competence in the environmental field through environmental education and continuous work at departmental level.
  • Develop waste sorting by becoming even better at taking care of packaging especially from restaurant.
  • Compile the results of our environmental work annually.