• Referenser


“At Landvetter Airport Hotel I feel secure cause of the high service from the staff who is always available and flexible for me as a client.
You’re always welcomed by happy assistants and a very tasty breakfast, coffee-break and lunch!”
/ Charlotte Forsman, Swedavia

”Good food, fine service and clean and fresh is what you expect when you’re at a conference and that you fulfill. Even things that isn’t that obvious we always got the help we needed with, and that with a smile. Best recommendations!”
/ Åke Hult, Securitas

“Often I put my meetings at Landvetter Airport Hotel for extern parts cause of the smooth way of travelling, also for the ones who travelling by car. Coffee & lunch at the hotel and also free parking.
Delightful service minded staff and good pricing.”
/ Andreas Arnewid, Företagsförmedling Väst 

”Nice and enjoyable hotel to have your conference at. Close to the airport, good parking facilities, tasty food and nice service also gilds the experience.”
/ Britta Malmqvist, Rototilt